What is BufferBufs Protocol With BufferBufs we want to become a means of payment in Games GameSites video games or mobile games, By paying in games you stake Bufs, which you can trade or spend in the games. Later we want you to be able to use the token for online gambling just like money in a casino The Buffer (BUFS) uses a Cardano Native Token Buffer (BUFS) and supports several ADA Staking Pools in the eco-friendly proof-of-stake Cardano Ecosystem.

The BUFFER Team reserves the right to change this whitepaper at any time, as well as its directions and goals based on technological changes and financial laws and regulations. RISK STATEMENT - Trading native tokens has potential benefits and also carries potential risks. Trading may not be right for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek their own independent financial or professional advice.


100% = 100,000,000,000
85% = Transferable
15% = Founders

(The tokenomics will soon be adjusted in more distributions)